The Constitution of

Xavier’s College Alumni of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur.


We the members of Xavier’s college Alumni on this and give ourselves this new constitution to run our organization.

1. Name and Address:

The association will be known as “ Xavier’s College Alumni”, in short as “XCA“ and will be addressed at St. Xavier’s College Jaipur, Hatroi Fort Road, Opp. Rotary Club, Jaipur.


2. The Purpose:
  1.  To foster and keep alive the bonds of friendship and understanding between the alumni themselves and between the alumni and the college to explore ways by which we can be mutually helpful to each other.
  2. Drawing strength and inspiration from mutual cooperation, to keep alive the ideals of moral integrity, service, sincerity and togetherness, which we imbibed together at college.
3. Membership:
  • The Membership of XCA shall be open to:
    1. Student graduating or post graduating from St. Xavier’s College Jaipur.
    2. Students incase of transfer, are eligible for membership with the graduating batch. 
  • Refusal and termination of membership:
    1. The membership of XCA can be refused if the committee considers the applicant undesirable in the interest of Xavier’s College Alumni, although he/she may be otherwise eligible. Such refusal shall need 2/3rd vote of the committee.
    2. States that the membership of a member can be suspended for duration not exceeding one year for an act of behavior unbecoming of a Xavierite of an Alumni function by a 2/3rd vote of the committee.
  • Membership fee:
    1. The life membership of the Xavier’s college Alumni shall be INR 7000/-.
    2. The life membership shall be INR 3000/- for the students graduating/post graduating and joining the Alumni up to 30th September of the relevant academic year.
    3. Other students seeking membership under clauses 3 (b) and (c) at the time when their batch mates are being admitted to the Alumni up to 30th September following their graduation, as provided in above clauses, shall be eligible for membership on paying fee of INR 3000/- only
4. Core committee
  • Composition:
    • The Core Committee shall comprise of
      • An appointed President
      • An appointed Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Executive committee: consisting seven executive Members including atleast 3 female members.
      • Up to a total of 10 Invitee Members.
      • Director appointed by College Administration with no right to vote.
  • Term of the Core committee:
    • The term of the foundation committee shall be eight years, however after eight years the term will change to two years for every core committee.

    • The term of the executive committee shall be two years.

    • Incase any member has to move out from Jaipur he/she needs to replace his/her position by a present executive member (who shall not have a voting right) with consent of Director and working members.

  • Functions of the committee:
    • The committee shall meet at least once every month.

    • To nominate sub-committees and allocate work to other members.

    • To plan and supervise the activities of the Alumni.

    • To sanction all expenses of INR 1000/- or more in advance.

    • To sanction all expense of less than INR 1000/- incurred without its prior approval.

    • To raise funds if needed and to utilize them solely to further the aims and objectives of the alumni.

    • The quorum shall consist of 10 members.


5. President
  • Eligibility:

Any person who has been a member of the Alumni for at least five years and has been a member of XCA Committee for a period of not less than two years or one term.

  • Appointment:

The committee consisting of Five Past Presidents and the Director (PPC) shall appoint the President. Incase he resigns, or is absent or for any other reason vacancy arises at the post of President for four months the Appointed Vice President will act as President till the time the PPC appoints a new president

  • Term:

The president shall hold the office for a period of two years and cannot hold the office for more than two consecutive terms.

  • Powers and Duties:
    • To preside over the committee meetings.
    • To cast a decisive vote in case of tie besides his own vote.
    • To authorize any expenses without the prior approval of the executive provided such sum is less than INR 1000/-.
    • To operate the Xavier’s College Alumni bank account along with the Director.
    • To call a meeting of Committee as and when he deems fit as per the provisions of the constitution.
    • To invite members and special guests in the meetings.
    • To appoint members in various sub committees to perform work of the organization.
    • To ensure smooth running of the organization.
  • Removal of President:

The president can be removed if at least 10 members propose a No Confidence motion with specific reasons to the PPC and the PPC deems it fit to remove him. The motion should be in a prescribed format, which is marked as Annexure A.The members signing the motion should clearly mention the reasons for their proposing the No Confidence Motion and they should fill up the format in their own handwriting. The PPC after receiving the Motion would confirm the authenticity of the signatures with the available records and is also authorized to appoint any person body of persons to do the same.


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